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The 7th Vibrio conference will take place at the Station Biologique of Roscoff, France

Mar 29, 2016 - Apr 01, 2016

Vibrios are Gram-negative bacteria found in aquatic environments. These bacteria show a wide range of niche specialization, from free-living forms to those attached to biotic and abiotic surfaces and from symbionts to pathogens. In addition to human pathogens such as V. cholerae, V. parahemolyticus and V. vulnificus, vibrios have been associated with disease in numerous aquatic organisms, including coral, shrimp and oysters, and infections due to these pathogens have profound environmental and economic consequences.  Not surprisingly, the Vibrio genus provides models for extremely diverse scientists, including those who study ecology, evolution, genome plasticity and maintenance, gene regulation, bacterial pathogenesis and host microbe interactions, bacterial social behavior and epidemiology. To foster interactions between these diverse communities, we invite all scientists who work on vibrios to participate at the next Vibrio conference at the marine station in 2016.